Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why would I want 54 oz of Coconut Oil?

My Real Food Deal didn't generate as much interest as I had expected. Then I got to thinking, maybe you don't know what to use coconut oil for, so why would you want a HUGE container of it. Coconut oil is so incredibly useful (not to mention good for you), so I thought I would share how I like to use it and a few links to more information about coconut oil including a post on 160 Ways to use Coconut Oil - YES, it is that useful!

I like to use coconut oil instead of butter when I'm frying eggs, pancakes, french toast, etc. When I make popcorn - coconut oil is the first thing that goes into my Stir Crazy. I've started using it in pancake, cookie, sweet bread, baked oatmeal, smoothies and just about any recipe that calls for oil or butter. I would have used it on my son's eczema and cradle cap if I would have known about it then (probably not the extra virgin organic stuff though).

Lately I've been getting a 16 oz container about once a month using my Amazon gift cards that I earn through Swagbucks. Unfortunately, it hasn't been enough to last us the entire month. I think it is time to start buying coconut oil in bulk, like I do with olive oil and so many other things.

More information on the benefits of coconut oil and its uses:

Here is a list of recipes from this blog that either call for or could use coconut oil in them:

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  1. I will have to look at the uses... I've never been able to justify the cost.