About Me

Hi, my name is Jamie and welcome to delicious & nutritious : Real Food in Real Life - a journey!

One of the greatest compliments that I've ever received was, "Jamie you make vegetables taste good." That is my goal!

I am a wife and mom to two young children (four and two). I love God, my family and food.

Hunting for and trying new recipes is truly an addiction (I mean hobby of mine). Thankfully my husband enjoys trying new recipes and yes sometimes I pick bad ones or make a total flop of a meal, but sometimes I find amazing recipes that are actually good for you or I tweak them to be more nutritious for my family. People often ask me where do you get your recipes, so now you will know where each recipe comes from and the changes that I have made to them.  I'll be the first to admit that we do not always eat healthy.  We try, but being from WI and having a husband and father who enjoy fishing we do make sporadic fish frys or order out a deep dish pizza or eat fast food (heaven forbid).  ***UPDATE***Our family has been on a Real Food journey since about the fall of 2011.  What is Real Food?  Real Food is food that is closest to what God originally made it to be (less processing involved, more natural, more organic).  This Real Food journey does not involve low fat foods - which rob our bodies of nutrients that they need, so you may notice some changes to the way that I prepare food like not avoiding things like egg yolks and lard.  Frying food is still not recommended and yes we do fry fish every now and then as well as the occasional fast food and processed food.  Our goal is 80% of the time eat Real Food and not to worry about the other 20%.***

Cooking and baking have been passions of mine since I was a kid. As early as elementary school I remember taking a notebook with me to sleepovers with recipes for homemade pancakes and strawberry shakes (with a raw egg in it). In junior high my family always requested my "famous" cheesecake (a recipe from my mom's Better Homes and Gardens cookbook - which called for SEVEN packages of cream cheese - YIKES). Since then I have progressed in my cooking knowledge and experience as well as my desire to learn about healthier options (all by trial and error). I now am more interested in nutritious cooking, incorporating whole grains, and cutting out processed sugar - it is my goal to feed my family healthy, nutritious and extremely delicious foods as inexpensively as I can!

I hope you join me in my journey through finding new and unique recipes that make healthy food taste incredible!  As well as the occasional recipe that is not necessarily that healthy, but tastes darn good and my family loves it!  These are real recipes that I've made, tried and I only post recipes that I would make again or make for others as well.