Monday, April 2, 2012

Menu Monday 4/2/2012

Dandelion Greens Salad
This Week’s Meal Plan 4/2 – 4/8

This week I finally got around to making homemade Raisin Bran Cereal, and it wasn’t bad. But I still need to work on it to make the flakes thinner and tastier. We also made a Dandelion Greens salad with orange slices and poppy seed dressing. A bit on the bitter side, but the oranges and dressing helped balance it. Oh and I almost forgot to mention that if you do decide to go foraging for Dandelion greens, be sure to forage somewhere there has not been fertilizer applied. The first shoots in the spring are supposed to be the most tender, and the smaller the shoots the better.

Homemade Raisin Bran
Oatmeal and boiled eggs (x2); Homemade Raisin Bran cereal; Over Easy Eggs over Seasoned Rice; Smoothies and muffins; Cottage Cheese Pancakes; Out of Town

Leftovers; Chicken and Black Bean Quesadillas; Chicken Salad Sandwiches; Hot Dogs & Mac n Cheese; Easter Lunch; Easter Brunch (out)

Ants on a Log; Smoothie pops; Yogurt and fruit; Hummus & Veggies; Popcorn; Soft Pretzels; Carrot Cake

  • Monday: Venison & Bean Enchiladas (from freezer)
  • Wednesday: Mustard Glazed Corned Beef with cabbage salad (skipped this a few weeks ago)
  • Thursday: Birthday Dinner – out:)
  • Friday: Out of Town
  • Saturday: Reuben Sandwiches and Wilted Spinach Salad
  • Sunday: Pizza


  1. This is a fabulous looking menu! I just wish there were more links to recipes... Mustard Glazed Corned Beef? Sounds delicious and I'm really curious about homemade raisin bran!!

    1. I'm still working on the Raisin Bran, I adapted one from Mr. Breakfast, and I try to add one recipe a week. The mustard Glazed Corned Beef recipe came from a friend. If I remember correctly it was boiled for 3 hours, then a mix of brown sugar and dijon mustard gets slathered on top and baked for an hour over a broiling pan filled with water. This week I'll be sharing one of my breakfast items from above.

  2. Thanks Jamie! I haven't heard of Mr. Breakfast but will check it out- I'm always on the lookout for new breakfast ideas. I'll check back to see the breakfast idea that you share.

    1. I finally posted the tweaked Raisin Bran recipe, here is the link: