Saturday, March 31, 2012

Favorite Links from this Week

Appetizing, huh?

I'm not sure why I bother grilling sweet potatoes like this. They always seem to turn out this way. I do much better grilling them whole, like a baked potato. Well, another week has gone by...

Coconut-Honey Candy - I really want to try these, but I'm out of most of the ingredients
How to Naturally Get Grease Stains out of Clothing - something I should be doing more of (grease stains always appear in the strangest of places on my clothing)
Fruit Sweeteners - I've been known to try different sugar alternatives, KS has several articles on various sweeteners
Sugar Detox Diary - We have decreased our sugar intake, but never got it completely out of our lives
Why Rototillers My be More Harmful Than Helpful - this has come across my path more than once
Daylily Greens - Foraging free food is something I want to do more of, this week we ate a dandelion greens salad (they are supposed to be most tender when they first arrive in the spring - just be sure that the place where you are gathering them from has not been treated with fertilizer/weed killer)

Dandelion greens salad with oranges and poppy seed dressing. The greens are slightly bitter, but the oranges help cover up the bitterness. Oh and I was out of honey, so I substituted maple syrup in the dressing and it worked just fine.

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