Recipes for the Home

Join me on Thursdays as I share new recipes for cleaning your home naturally.

Household Cleaners
Make your own environmentally friendly and budget friendly cleaning products
White Vinegar
Vinegar can be used to make culinary dishes and clean your home, among many other uses
Floor Wax
Do-It-Yourself Floor Wax that is also great on your hands, as well as your floors
DIY Dish Soap
Do you have bar soap remnants or hotel soaps that you don't know what to do with?
Cleaning Solution Discovered During Homebirth
A more natural way for cleaning blood stains
Dirty Sink, Clean Sink
Tough to get our mineral deposits or watermarks? Try this.
Spring Cleaning - Decluttering
This is an easy method to get your house clutter free, one room at a time.

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