Friday, January 20, 2012

Fellowship Friday

Last week Thursday as I was shoveling snow and trying to figure out what errands I was going to run on Friday a thought came to me - "don't run any errands at all."  It seems like most of my week is often spent running errands and not taking time for the people in my life.  Since we finally had a substantial amount of snow and there was a decent sledding hill right across the street, I decided to invite some friends (and their kids) over for sledding, hot beverages, treats and conversation.  Because it was last minute only one friend was able to make it, but we all had a fun time and good conversation too.

My hope is to institute Fellowship Fridays and I hope you will too.  For me it will be a day void of errands and filled with relationships.  Whether it be really focusing on my kiddos for a day, deepening friendships or spending time with family members or my Bible Study group.  God made us relational beings and it is good for our health and soul to spend time in fellowship with others.

I encourage you to find someone or several someones to spend some time with today.  Throw a spontaneous dinner party, arrange a tea time with a friend, bring a meal to someone who needs it - and stay to chat.  Please report back so that we can continue to encourage and inspire one another.

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