Monday, February 6, 2012

Menu Monday 2/6/2012

Three successive batches of bone broth*

This Week’s Meal Plan: 2/6 – 2/12

Last week our family encountered the stomach bug, so our menu changed a bit. I’ll share my original plan for this week and our changes. Thank goodness for lots of nourishing soups in the freezer! Oh and the kids will be visiting my parents for a couple of days, so our typical meal schedule will take a break.

Yogurt with Honey and Nuts; Peach and Blueberry Baked Oatmeal; Eggs, Bacon and Sourdough English Muffins; Whole Wheat Sourdough Crepes with Homemade Jam and Almond Spread; Tasty Frittata (didn't get to this last week)

Left-overs mostly; Frozen soup; Grilled Cheese; PB&J

Granola with nuts and dried fruit; Banana Flax Muffins; Butternut Spice Bars; Black Bean Salsa and Chips; Black Bean Brownies; Strawberry "Milk" Shake; Veggies and Hummus

Dinner – Original Plan
  • Monday – Paella
  • Wednesday – Parmesan Tilapia
  • Thursday – Meatloaf with Baked Beans and Salad
  • Friday – Skillet Parmesan with Brown Rice Vermicelli and Salad (we ended up having this last week and it was DELICIOUS!)
  • Saturday – Crockpot Zuppa Bastarda and Bread
  • Sunday – Pizza 

Actual Dinner Plan will look more like this:
  • Monday – Out for dinner
  • Tuesday – Scallops, Butternut Squash Polenta, and Salad
  • Thursday – Paella
  • Saturday – Crockpot Zuppa Bastarda and Bread
  • Sunday – Pizza

Please share your menu for the week, so that anyone who reads this post will have even more inspiration!

*The picture above is what happens with my bone broth (from chicken bones) after the first 24 hours = well flavored, dark stock. Add more water, another splash of vinegar and go for another 24 hours in the crockpot = mildly flavored stock and after the third addition of water, vinegar and third 24 hour period is the least flavorful and lightest stock which can be used for oats, rice, pasta, beans, or just about any place you would cook something in water. Why would I do three successive batches of bone broth with the same bones? Nutrients are still being pulled out of the bones and add nutrients to the other things we eat daily. While we had illness in our house we used bone broth a lot! I used it to make miso noodle soup for the kids, congee (rice porridge), and the soup in the freezer is always made with one of the various batches. This is so easy to do in your crockpot to add more nutrients to your family's meals.

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