Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Seeing Me

Not too long ago I was feeling very frustrated with my daughter (three and a half at the time) and her ability to not hear me or listen to me.  At least if she did hear or listen, she did not follow through on what I was asking her to do.  Of course this is normal for a child her age, but it seemed to be happening more than usual at that time and it was trying my patience (I swear I used to have more before kids).  Anyway, a couple of days passed after my frustrations had culminated and during my devotions God revealed something to me.  God allowed me to see myself through His eyes…I am not unlike my daughter.  
How often do I listen and follow through on the things that God, my heavenly Father, has asked me to do?  Just like my daughter seems to have her head in the clouds, I do too.  So often I don’t even hear what God is trying to tell me or teach me or ask of me.  I just go about doing what I want to do or what I think I "need" to be doing.  I get caught up in the busy-ness of life and don’t take time to listen, to really listen to that still, small voice.  Oftentimes I wish that it wasn’t so still and so small, so that I could hear it better, but I don’t think the problem is with God's volume, it's me.  I am the one that has too much noise in my life to hear Him.

Lord, thank you for showing me my sinfulness.  Please help me to take time to listen and hear You speak to me.  Help me to listen better to my children, husband, friends and family as well.

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