Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This Week's Meal Plan - 5/30/2011

Well, we are on vacation this week, so life is a bit different than the usual.  We road tripped down to Florida to visit Ryan's grandpa and we are having a wonderful time.  Along the way we made sandwiches, ate fast food for dinners and breakfast at the hotel.  This week we are making most of our meals - keeps the trip low cost and often easier with the little ones.

Breakfast burritos (on travel days in the car), smoothies, cereal, cottage cheese pancakes, eggs and bacon, yogurt and fruit

PB&J, mac and cheese, egg salad, nitrate free lunch meat, left-overs, BLT

Hummus and veggies, graham crackers, fruit, string cheese, crackers, pretzels

Dinner out, BBQ at friends, ribs, seafood, pasta

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